135g Reef Update: Flasher Wrasse, Zoa Garden, Bubble Algae, Double Day Light Cycle reef tank…?

In this update of the 135g tank, we have added a McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse from Ocean Garden Reef from the DMV area, as well as adding 7 new
Zoanthid frags to the Zoa Garden. Not everything is amazing however, as bubble is back, even after the Vibrant treatment, and I am contemplating the next step. I have also started experimenting with a double day light cycle over this reef tank. 🤔

0:00 McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse!
3:15 Flasher Wrasse hiding from male Lyretail Anthias…
5:25 7 NEW Zoanthids from WAMAS
6:48 Plan for the Zoa Garden
9:50 How to control Xenia
11:03 Cutting frag plug stem off the plug
11:38 SMASHHH that Like for finally getting a hair cut, LOL!
11:53 Update on the Flasher Wrase
12:17 Update on the Zoanthids and Zoa Garden
14:57 Zoa likes higher Alk?
16:04 Bubble Algae?! CURSES.
17:12 Double Day Light Cycle??
18:11 Fish feeding time, nom nom nom!

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!

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