Alkatronic + Dosetronic = Automatic Alk Testing! Lazy Reefer’s Dream! (135g – 6/7/2020)

Two biggest pains of keeping a reef tank in my book: water test & water change. Today, we will partially eliminate one of the pains with the Alkatronic monitoring the Alkalinity level of the 135g MODE Aquarium, and followed up with dosing from the Dosetronic. At the moment the Alkatronic is not driving the Dosetronic in terms of dosing amount, but once the Alk is sitting at the targeted dKH, I will be flipping the switch so the Alkatronic will have full control over the dosing as well depending on the tank’s level. Enjoy the video!

* Alkatronic & Dosetronic are sponsored by Focustronic to use on the 135g build; I promise all opinions are 100% genuine. 🤓

Music by: DJ Quads

Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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