AT LAST: My ONE PIECE ☠ 135g Reef Tank!! Aiptasia Eating Filefish again?

Couple big events occurred this month — new corals, added the finishing touch to the 135g system’s theme, and a new baby. ☺ It has been a whirlwind of events and I am glad that you are here with me to witness them!

DIY Cloud – Large (Amazon):
DIY Cloud – Medium & Small (Amazon):

0:00 Joker Corals – Tropicana Anacropora!
1:17 Aiptasia Eating Filefish… take 2
3:57 What I feed my fish
7:45 Welcome to the World, Nina!
9:00 One Piece – Thousand Sunny
11:50 Updates on the Corals
14:26 Upside Down Goby / Circus Goby sighting!
17:35 Colorado Sunburst Anemone from ThirstyReef

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