Avast “The Plank” Auto Feeder Review! 11 Corals from TSA!! 🤯 (135g – 8/30/2020)

It has been quite a crazy week, from the Avast “The Plank” Automatic Feeder finally arriving, to Top Shelf Aquatics (TSA) sending out a surprise corals surprise pack, to picking up a large Hammer coral colony… it has been action packed. Today we take a closer look at the much anticipated Avast Marine Works’ auto feeder, specifically it’s performance and whether it justifies the $200 price tag?

0:00 First Look of Avast AutoFeeder
2:30 Potential Alternatives
4:05 She Gotta Poop
4:28 I Started Complaining
6:06 Testing the Drum unit
6:47 Corals from Top Shelf Aquatics!
10:34 Final Thoughts on Avast AutoFeeder
15:04 New Hammer Colony!

Music by: DJ Quads

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Email: inappropriatereefer@gmail.com


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