Axolotl Tank: SWEET POTATO as Nutrient Export?! 🍠 (Axolotl Tank – 5/31/2020)

A few years ago, a bare-bottom tank is the usual recommendation for keeping Axolotl. I always thought it felt a bit unnatural and set out to try using different substrates. After 2 years with ControSoil Powder planted aquarium substrate, I can say that while it appears safe for Axolotl, it does have the problem of disintegrating over time. In the future, I would probably go with sand and plant stem plants in pots, or simply rely on bare roots plants like Anibus, floating plants, and house plants that are above-water.

One interesting experiment I did with this tank is to use Sweet Potato. It has been wildly successful in terms of nutrient export as well as aesthetic, I could not be any happier!
Music by: DJ Quads
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