BEST Aquarium in DC!! / Re-scaping 135g / Fragging SPS & Trading!

Join me touring the best public aquarium in DC at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum! Then we will check out this new commissioned piece of frag tree from Aqua Rocks… I am ready for more SPS! Finally, I try my hands on fragging SPS and a little good ‘ol trading!

Products used in this video:
Yellow Super Long Gloves (Amazon:
Blue Grabber (Amazon:
Urine Sample Cup (Amazon:

0:00 Aqua Rocks unboxing / first look
2:35 Aiptasias!!
5:38 BEST Public Aquarium in Washington DC – Smithsonian Natural History Museum
10:35 Fragging & Mounting SPS
20:28 Hippo Tang issue…
23:20 135g Update – lost frag, moved Gonipora & Bernardpora

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