BEST NPS Tank I have ever seen!! (Sunshine Aquarium @ Tokyo, Japan)

As a part of my Taiwan + Japan adventure, we visited the Sunshine Aquarium located in Tokyo, Japan. It was a very, very crowded day but the aquarium surprised me with the amounts and range of exhibits. In particular, there is a super impressive Non-Photosynthetic Corals (NPS) Reef Tank that really caught my eyes. Fish-wise, it featured the beloved Pinecone Fish, Flashlight Fish as well as a few others. Coral-wise I was immediately taken back but the amount of Sun Corals and Rhyzos this tank hosts! Besides the fantastic aquarium, I also sprinkled in some clips from our travel, I hope you enjoy!

0:00 “Last Look” of the 135g & 17g Reef Tanks
1:44 Off we go!
3:15 Taiwan Sizzle Reel
4:40 Gentlemen, beware…
5:06 Visiting Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan
6:44 AMAZING NPS Tank!!
9:09 Aliens?
11:14 Maybe my next hobby.
13:32 Up-skirt shot for you!
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