Budget Reefing: Cheap Kalkwasser, Nitrate dosing, CO2 Scrubber media!!

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Budget Reefing has always been a popular topic, and rightfully so. The question has always been “what do you give up?” when going budget. Here are 3 reef consumables that we are addressing today: Kalkwasser, Nitrate dosing, and CO2 Scrubber media.

Mississippi Lime (Kalkwasser) – have NOT personally tesed: https://www.concentratesnw.com/?product=50-vitacal-h-food-lime
Shopmedvet Soda Lime (for CO2 Scrubber): https://www.shopmedvet.com/product/soda-lime-5-gallon-JOR553B
Loudwolf Sodium Nitrate (for Nitrate dosing): https://www.loudwolf.com/storefront/index.php?route=product/category&path=760
Amazing Yellow Gloves (Amazon): https://amzn.to/3T6iGxs
ATI ICP Test (Amazon): https://amzn.to/3TsGXO7

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0:00 No flow – Top down!
2:25 Budget Reefing 1 – Kalkwasser (Mississippi Lime – Food Grade)
8:10 Established Titles (Ad)
9:58 WAMAS reef club meeting
13:51 Budget Reefing 2 – CO2 Scrubber Media (Shopmedvet Soda Lime)
15:42 Jawbreaker Mushrooms
28:35 Budget Reefin 3 – Nitrate Dosing (Loudwolf Sodium Nitrate)
32:10 135g Reef Tank update

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