CAUTION: Lawnmower Blenny / Fragging Weeping Willow & Toadstool Coral, Visit Virginia Living Museum!

Who would have thought the Lawn Mower Blenny would turn rogue on me? I had issue with the Atlantic Oyster Blenny nipping at corals, did not expect a supposedly reef safe Lawn Mower Blenny to start nipping at clam mantle. Thankfully, given the bold nature of the blenny, it was very easy to catch and I was able to capture it (ha!) all on video for you to enjoy.

We also fragged up the Neon Green Polyps Toadstool and the famous Bahamallama Weeping Willow. Once again I lean on the 3″ hydroponic basket paired with 2″ frag disc to make these amazingly budget friendly coral baskets, links to items below.

Finally, we also visit the Virginia Living Museum that is 3 hours drive away. It was quite a long trip but we thoroughly enjoyed the museum! We were lucky enough to catch the last week of their dinosaur exhibition, looking forward to see what is next for them!

Items shown in this video:
3 Inch Heavy Duty Net Pots (Amazon):
Oceans Wonders 2″ Coral Frag Disk: Out of stock on Amazon, I bought mine from eBay

0:00 Derasa Clam not opening up, pinched mantle disease?
1:50 Lawnmower Blenny picking at clam mantle
2:40 Catching blenny with old school acrylic fish trap
8:15 Virginia Living Museum visit
9:44 Fragging Bahamallama Weeping Willow Toadstool Leather Coral
10:55 Coral frag basket – 3″ hydroponic net pot with 2″ coral frag disc
12:09 Cutting up and fragging the Weeping Willow Leather Coral
12:37 Fragging Neon Green Polyps Toadstool Leather Coral
15:30 How the fragged corals are doing
20:39 Checking in with our Lawnmower Blenny in the Mangrove Tank
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