CROSSING BORDER with Rare Coral!!

It is no secret that the “Weeping Willow” leather coral is one of the most sought after soft coral at the moment. There are different morphs out on the market but this particular strand of Japanese Weeping Willow from the Canadian reefer Josh (@rapfrog on Instagram) has got to be one of the most impressive that I have seen! Knowing that I have a Toronto trip coming up with the family, I reached out to Josh to see if he would be willing to part with a frag…

Items shown in this video:
Yellow Gloves (Amazon):

Perhaps a T-Shirt or Short Shorts to help support the channel?

0:00 Intro to this international frag swap
0:28 Canada road trip begins!
1:07 A little background on the swap / Bahamallama Weeping Willow Leather Coral!
2:56 Crossing the Canadian Border with Soft Coral!
4:33 Toronto, Canada Vlog
5:33 Josh (@rapfrog on Instagram) telling us a little about the frags
7:39 Crossing the US Border with Soft Coral!
9:21 Back home…
10:38 Closer look at the Japanese Weeping Willow and Palau Nepthea
12:55 135g Tank Update
14:36 Anti-biotic Dip for Wall Hammer to stop Brown Jelly Disease
15:36 More detail on crossing Canadian Border with Soft Coral
17:19 More detail on crossing US Border with Soft Coral

Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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