Goodbye 150g! Hello 135g MODE AQUARIUMS!! 😍(135g – 2/2/2020)

Alright 150g, it has been real. Two weeks ago I said goodbye to the 150g tank, which most likely developed bubbles in it’s seams due to sitting dry for more than a year. The beloved tank was picked up by a semi-local reefer who will reseal it and put it to good use, resealing a tank including breading apart the rims and glass panes is simply not something I am ready to tackle. After saying goodbye to the 150g, MODE Aquariums sent over a turn-key 135g Infinity Series tank to help me continue where I left off in terms of getting a large tank up and running. Here is the birth of that system, I hope you enjoy!
Music by: DJ Quads
Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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