How I deal with Brown Jelly Disease! Growing corals off the back wall with Reef Rax shelf frag rack!

Not a good start of the week. The week started with the frogspawn coral getting hit by the dreaded Brown Jelly Disease. While I could potentially dip it with H2O2 or Iodine, I opted to just cut my lost and remove the Frogspawn frag. Thankfully the BJD did not spread to other corals and that was the end of it. This week I also received my order of Reef Rax coral frag rack, the medium sized shelf and corner ones.

Products used in this video:
Blue Safety Goggles (

0:00 Brown Jelly Disease on my Frogspawn frag…
1:12 Removing brown jelly from the coral head (BJD)
3:35 Closer look of the infected head of Frogspawn
6:06 Removing Gorgonians
8:03 Mounted SPS
12:30 Brightwell Aquatics Clam Hammock
14:02 Reef Rax coral frag rack – medium shelf and corner unit

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!

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