How to fix leaking full aquarium (Super Glue & Baking Soda vs Silicone) – 45g TANK LEAKED!! 😱

Yes, it happened. The old 45g finally sprung a leak at the seam and started leaking. In the midst of freaking out, Eat Sleep Reef came to the rescue with a creative solution of using Super Glue and Baking Soda! IDEALLY, I would use silicon to reseal the entire tank, but that would mean draining the entire tank for 24 hours. Since the 150g tank is underway, I have slapped on this figurative and then a literal band-aid so this tank could remain in operation for a few more months before I migrate everything over! This should not be a permanent solution, re-sealing the entire tank with silicone is still the best way, but this would buy some time!

Shout out to Eat Sleep Reef for the safe! Please check out his channel for more awesome reef tips:
Music by: DJ Quads
Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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