I bought a $100+ Damselfish… πŸ€‘ (Starcki Damsel)

This is a rare case of jumping onto something that I was in the know. Usually hobbyists balk at paying more than $10 for a damselfish, let alone $40. But when a Starcki Damselfish suddenly showed up on my local reef club’s forum, I immediately contacted the seller for pick-up. Here is the story…

0:00 Quick background on how this Starcki Damselfish came about
1:51 Fish acclimation
4:04 3 Weeks check-in
5:46 Future fish stock plan for this system
7:12 Harlequin Shrimp update — anyone local needs one?
7:49 Peppermint Shrimp disappointment
9:18 Nutrients spike… oops.
10:51 Weeping Willow Leather Coral check-in
12:21 Two Little Fishies AccuraSea 1 salt
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