I got the WRONG FISH AGAIN! (Catching Blenny in a reef tank… AGAIN.)

Molly Miller Blenny, Molly Miller Blenny, ATLANTIC OYSTER BLENNY?! Yep. Your boy got the wrong fish again. Remember that time I was picking up a Yellow Coris Wrasse but ended up with a Silver Bellied Wrasse? As a result… WE’RE GOING HUNTING!!

0:00 My Molly Miller Blenny is actually a Atlantic Oyster Blenny
1:33 Closer look of the Atlantic Oyster Blenny
2:13 Fish trap I am using
3:53 Setting the fish trap
6:44 Releasing the Blenny into the Mangrove Tank
8:14 Checking out the Space Invader Pectina
9:02 Checking up on how the Atlantic Oyster Blenny is doing

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!

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