Innovative Marine vs. Aquamaxx Media Reactor!! πŸ€” Adding Circus Goby!

In the battle between nano reactors, there are few players. Today we are looking at the AquaMaxx FR-S Internal Media Reactor with Sicce Pump (Amazon: vs Innovative Marine Mini-Max Aqua Gadget Media Reactor (Amazon: After the comparison between the two solid media reactors, I would like to introduce you to a cryptic goby called Circus Goby (Black Barred Convict Goby / Priolepis nocturna).

0:00 Picking up Conchs from Rick’s Fish and Pet Supply
1:43 Introducing the Circus Goby!
4:48 Releasing the Circus Goby into the tank
6:36 135g’s current condition – Nitrate and Phosphate check
8:40 First impression – AquaMaxx FR-S Internal Media Reactor
11:52 AquaMaxx FR-S vs. Innovative Marine MiniMax Media Reactor
15:17 Two weeks later, final thoughts!
18:27 135g Update
Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!
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