Learning from SPS Master + Awards-winning reef tank!!

Today we visit an absolutely stunning SPS tank by Joe (Tusi) in New York. It has won Tank of the Month on Reef2Reef twice (never happens before), as well as winning the Best Reef Tank for Reef Choice Awards 2022. Joe shared with us his experience on how to keep a successful reef tank, as well as some of the nuances in reef keeping. This video is a bit on the long side but info packed, I hope you enjoy our visit to Joe’s!

R2R Tank of the Month – July 2021: https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/reef-of-the-month-july-2021-tusis-amazing-sps-reef-revisited.806/
R2R Tank of the Month – January 2015: https://www.reefedition.com/reef-spotlight-tusis-180-gal-mixed-coral-garden/
Tusi’s Reef Build Thread: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/tusis-tank-thread.139275/

0:00 Off to New York Again!
2:58 Wrasse of Tusi’s 180g Reef Tank
7:08 Joe’s secret to healthy SPS & clean sandbed
12:21 Tusi’s tips on keeping Threadfin Blue Eyed Cardinalfish
13:41 Tank’s Parameters?
17:22 The Other Side of the 180g Reef Tank
20:00 Amount of Maintenance?
20:38 Taking a look at the Sump
23:58 Trace elements dosing?
31:30 Difference between LED & MH?
37:16 Reef Choice Awards 2022 Tank of the Year!!
38:52 Words of Wisdom for reefers interested in SPS
41:42 Where to see more of Joe’s 180 reef tank!
42:26 The Mushroom Tank that we almost forgot
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Email: inappropriatereefer@gmail.com


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