Lost most of my SPS Corals…

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My worst fear happened. Major tank disaster while away on vacation. I knew this was likely happening but there wasn’t much I could do about it, while I expected the Anacroporas to go, I did not expect other SPS to go along with them… This video captures the beginning and aftermath of the event that took out most of my SPS corals.

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0:00 What’s happening? Light shocked?
2:25 SurfShark VPN
4:19 Last minute prep for Japan!
4:52 Visiting Tokyo, Japan!!
9:12 Seeing the 135g after 2 weeks…
12:29 The next day, a closer look
11:40 Coral Issue – Light? Coral Warfare? Bad Bacteria?
15:49 Antibiotic (Cipro) for Reed Tank – in tank treatment
17:32 Removing dead SPS coral skeletons
19:03 ICP test results

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