Lots of tanks Updates! Fragging Space Invader Pectinia, Aquascape changes, SPS go time?

Here we go – a proper, long tanks update this week! We tackled the messy aquascape situation in the 135g MODE aquarium, pulled two frags from the Space Invader Pectinia, considered coral placements, and ramping up towards SPS keeping! I talked about everything and seemingly nothing in this video update, lol.

0:00 Overview of the 135g
0:50 Closer look at the SPS in this tank
2:31 Plan of action for rescaping the 135g
5:08 Preparing iodine dip for coral frag
6:02 Fragging the Space Invader Pectinia
9:45 Moving the Christmas Tree Worm Rock
11:35 Yeeeesh, collapsing rock scape
13:34 Top-down view and corals update
14:54 Overview of the re-scaped tank the next morning
21:55 ???
22:35 More tank updates
24:30 Mangrove tank update

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!
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