Mastertronic hands-on impression!! All-in-one automated aquarium testing from Focustronic.

Mastertronic from Focustronic is the newest contender in the automated water testing arena for reef tanks. I have run the Alkatronic and Dosetronic since the early days of the 135g build with solid results and reliability, so I welcomed the release of the Mastertronic with open arms! While there are a few UI tweaks to the Focustronic app that would make the experience even better, the hardware, the results, and the reliability has been great for the first three weeks.

0:00 Unboxing the Mastertronic
2:17 Do I still need a Alkatronic if I have a Mastertronic?
4:13 Closer look of the Mastertronic, noise level and testing.
7:57 Reviewing data via Focustronic app
13:24 After 3 weeks – Thoughts on the Mastertronic

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