My secret to catching fish in a reef tank 🐠

My favorite way to catch fish is via the Night Attack. I would either go in with a flash light (ideally red light – which I do not have), or simply turn on the tank light abruptly. While the fish are all disoriented, I would go in for the catch. Of course, this only works if the fish does not sleep in a rock crevice or in the sand, but this method has worked extremely well for me for the appropriate fish. For the other ones, I would try fish trap or other more extreme methods.

If you are interested in the shoulder-length (more like bicep-length) rubber gloves I used in the video, I got it from Amazon: (still working very well, I’d totally recommend it)

0:00 My experience with Rabbitfish in a reef tank
0:48 Catching a fish in the reef tank at night
3:50 Two Barred Rabbitfish – closer look
5:00 Shoulder length rubber gloves I use for aquarium
5:23 Catching the Rabbitfish – Round 2
6:13 New corals from Lynn!
7:38 Picking up Tiger Sand Conch from LFS
8:25 Update on Lynn’s corals

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!
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