NIGHT ATTACK! 😈 How I FEED Corals! Water change, coral frag & mount! Neat Aquatics Limpet Pump Guard

Best way to catch a fish? AT NIGHT! Here we go on the hunt for the Aiptasia Eating Filefish at nightm hoping for an easy catch. We also fragged back the Goldenrod Anacropora (yes, again.), and tried the Neat Aquatics Limpet Wide Flow Anemone Guard for the Ecotech Vortech MP40!

Amazing Yellow Gloves (Amazon):
Red Sea Blue Bucket Salt (Amazon):
ATI ICP Test (Amazon):
Black Large Coral Frag Plugs 25 Pack (Amazon):
Insta-Set Combo Pack (Amazon):
Reef Rock Frag Station (Amazon):
ATI ICP Test (Amazon):

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0:00 Game Plan.
4:42 I put on my Yellow Gloves and tell you a story…
5:45 Fragging the Goldenrod Anacropora… again.
12:49 Mounting the frags and the fragging tools and glues that I use.
16:44 Neat Aquatics Limpet Wide Flow Pump Guard
22:12 NIGHT ATTACK – trying to catch the Aiptasia Eating Filefish
26:37 Feeding my corals & fish
31:25 Water Change… say what?!
42:00 Any video editor out there?

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