OPEN: & Algae Barn orders πŸͺΈ Destroying Monti Cap πŸ”¨ Reefing USA DC Show!

Another multi parts video, following the haphazard journey of the 135g system that could use a bit more stability… We restocked the Clean-up Crew (CUC) from, introduced a few Peppermint Shrimp to combat the Aiptasia situation, swung by the Reefing USA swap with 20 minutes to spare, and absolutely demolished the Monti-cap colonies that on hind-sight could have caused some major swings that I’m experience right meow. Yeah… Inappropriate Reefer is back alright.

0:00 Fragging Monti Cap the only way I know how.
5:39 Reefing USA, Washington DC / VA stops
7:40 Trading corals with local Reefers!
12:30 Unboxing Algae Barn’s Peppermint Shrimps for Aiptasia Control
18:47 Unboxing order of snails and conches!
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