PetCo Pearly Jawfish, SO MANY CORALS! Acans, Zoas. Hammer, Leather corals – local reef club deals!

It has been an amazing week full of corals! I picked up two batches of large coral colonies from local reefers, this includes Micromussa (Acanthastrea), Zoanthid, Hammer, and Leather corals. The star of this week’s video though is definitely the non-assuming Pearly Jawfish that I picked up from… PetCo!

0:00 Micromussa (Acan corals), Hammer Coral, Leather Coral
1:02 Zoanthid Rock, Branching Hammer Coral, Mushroom Coral
3:13 Peppermint Shrimp & Emerald Crab from
5:20 Pearly Jawfish from PetCo
7:54 Checking out the new corals
11:20 Tank update rambling begins…

Items used in this video on Amazon:
Yellow Long Rubber Gloves (
Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!
Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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