Picking up Baby Hippo Tang!! 😊 (135g – 5/17/2020)

Hippo Tang always have a special place in my heart. Ever since I rehomed the baby hippo tang that was in the 45g years ago, I have always wanted to keep another one when I have the right system. Even though the 4 foot long 135g may not be able to host this hippo tang for his entire life, I look forward to sharing my home with him for at least a few awesome years!

This week we also unboxed a care package from Reef Nutritions. Chad sent over some Apex Pods to help seed my systems, as well as TDO Chroma Boost of various sizes for me to try out. So far the fish are loving the Chroma Boost!

Lastly I put my DIY skills to the test by build a skimmer stand… it went OK…!
Music by: DJ Quads
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