So I got 3+1 Maxima Clams!!

With a bit more knowledge under my belt and more confidence in the stability of my system, I finally pulled the trigger on adding a Maxima clam. I have been eyeing @clammania.ig’s live sales on IG for a long time and we even chatted a few times in previous years. The time just seems right.

There was a little snag in shipping (thanks FedEx!) and the clams arrived one day late. The clams are as beautiful as they were shown during the live sales and while small in size, they are robust and adjusting well to the system!

Blue Grabber:
* not the exact same one, but this is from the same company and close; as I couldn’t find it anymore. But look for one that is rust-proof (screws still rusted for me, but since I don’t keep the grabber in the tank long term, it is OK for me)

Tiffen Orange Filter I am using on my camera to film:

0:00 Random late night ramble
1:55 Getting pH dialed in for the clams
3:55 Maxima clams from Clam Mania have arrived!!
5:12 Acclimating the clams
7:20 First look at the Maxima clams
7:40 Top down view of the reef tank!
9:45 Checking out the Clam Mania Maxima Clams!

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!

Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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