SOUPED-UP $100 AliE Light Bar (dimmable!) & Corals from Top Shelf Aquatics & Local Reefer!

One of the best just got better! The AliE (AliExpress) Light Bar that was introduced to me by @telegraham could be customized even further by requesting an inline controller that has dimming and timing function. If you are interested, you can check out the seller Populargrow on Aliexpress. No, I have 0 relation with the seller, just another happy customer!

This month I traded for some beautiful Montiporas from a local hobbyist Robbie, as well receiving an awesome shipment of SPS, macro algae, and Peppermint Shrimps from our friend @Top Shelf Aquatics.

Lastly, a brief look at the Kamoer X1 PRO-T pump while I switch over to continuous Kalk dosing…!

Products used in this video:
2040 Extruded Aluminum 600mm (Amazon: – the one I used
T Nuts, M5 Screws, Corner Brackets (Amazon: – the screws & nuts I used
2040 Extruded Aluminum End Caps (Amazon: – did NOT lock into the end of the 2040 beams perfectly, but super glued on easily.
MakerBeam 900x10x10mm (Amazon:
Yellow Super Long Gloves (Amazon:
Kamoer X1 PRO-T (Amazon:
Blue Grabber (Amazon:
Urine Sample Cup (Amazon:

0:00 Coral Swap with local reefer Robie
2:55 AliE Light Bar – Unboxing
7:41 Mounting the AliE Light Bar using extruded aluminum / MakerBeam
16:45 AliExpress Light Bar inline controller / dimmer / timer
17:07 AliExpress Reef Light Bar PAR Meter reading
19:27 Top Shelf Aquatics – Unboxing
24:58 3 Weeks Update – AliE Light Bar
26:58 3 Weeks update – Corals from Robie & TSA
31:58 Kamoer X1 Pro-T Continuous Kalk Dosing
35:21 Gonipora – Favorite coral this month
36:27 Fish Updates

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