This is my most expensive coral.

Your neighborhood reefer is joining a SPS grow out competition – TSA’s Coral Smackdown Grow Out Competition! By participating, I have already won one of the high-end SPS of my dream, the Fruity Splice. I have been interested in grafted corals ever since my early visit to TSA a few years ago when they showed me their Fruity Splice colony. Since then, that coral has always held a mythical position in my heart but the price tag is a splash of reality, lol.

@ReefBum did a podcast with Kevin from @TopShelfAquatics recently with a special focus on coral grafting, it is very interesting what’s involved and a great listen.

If you want to learn more about this competition, both TSA & Reef Builders have nice write ups:

0:00 Intro to the TSA’s Coral Smackdown Grow Out Competition
3:07 Unboxing Top Shelf Aquatics corals from TSA’s Coral Smackdown Grow Out Competition
6:26 Fruity Splice, Four Loko, Harvey Wallbanger, Long Island, Orangsicle, Raspberry Splice, JF TNT Anacropora
9:44 Under Blue Actinic light
11:11 3 Weeks Updates
12:51 ACI King Hammer and Prince of Darkness Hammer
15:08 Measurements of the TSA Grow Out Contest Corals

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