This rare soft coral connected us – Coral Reef Shop visit! πŸ πŸ¦πŸ¦€

Canada, we’re back! In this remote episode, we visited the Coral Reef Shop located in Burlington, Ontario. I think “Gentleman” is the perfect term to describe Red, the Care Taker / Share Owner of the store. While not a large store, the Coral Reef Shop is a well stocked, healthy, vibrant, knowledgeable local fish store that is really plugged into the local reefing community, as well as strong ties to public aquariums in the Canada and even United States area. I hope you enjoy this LFS tour as much as I did when we stopped by!

0:00 Toronto Vlog
1:33 Jurassic World: The Exhibition
2:25 Visiting Coral Reef Shop, first impression
3:15 Blue Ribbon Eel
4:54 Shark feeding
7:10 The soft coral that brought us together!
8:49 Eye popping mushroom anemone
9:58 Beautiful Regal Angel
11:58 Favorite fish 1: Pintail Wrasse
13:03 Brief history of Coral Reef Shop
15:11 Setup recommendation for new reefer?
16:47 Store info
Instagram: @inappropriatereefer


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