Updates on my 135g Mixed Reef – 3 Years! (EVERYTHING: Fish, SPS, LPS, Soft Corals, Clams)

It has been awhile since I have done a legit tank update like the old days, where I would one take the video talking about all that has changed, as if you are at my house for a tank tour… so here it is! It definitely brings back a feeling of nostalgia and it felt really nice to finally do a complete update on this system, almost like I finally let out a breath that I had been holding for a long, long time for no apparent reason.

0:00 Intro
1:16 SPS (Acropora, Anacropora)
5:38 Fish (Hippo Tang, Yellow Tang, Lyretail Anthias, Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Circus Goby)
10:45 TSA Coral Growout Contest SPS frags (TSA Pebble Splice Acropora, TSA Raspberry Splice Acropora.. etc)
15:18 LPS (Gonipora, Space Invader Pectinia, Hammer Coral, Frogspawn Coral, Torch Coral)
26:33 Soft Corals (Jawbreaker Mushroom, Magic Carpet Mushroom, Bahamallama Weeping Willo, Japanese Weeping Willow, Japanese Nepthea, Zoas)
35:19 Clams (Derasa Clam, Crocea Clam from Claim Mania)
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