WHOA?! Aiptasia Eating Filefish Experience.

Aiptasia Eating Filefish is a relatively new comer to the battle against Aiptasia. Previously, this fish was known as the Bristletail filefish, later most likely renamed by ORA in order to promote it’s ability to eliminate those pesky Aiptasias. It is however a double edged sword… as anything that eats pest anemones would likely be a risk in consuming other inverts………….. this month we also looked into the Hygger Bio Media potentially leaking a little aluminum into the reef tank. Justtt a little.

0:00 The Space Invader Pectinia Situation
1:36 Fragging Goldenrod Anacropora for Top Shelf Aquatics & Lynn
3:23 ICP testing Hygger Bio Media for potential aluminum leeching
10:24 ORA Aiptasia Eating Filefish removing Aiptasias
11:40 Upsidedown Goby / Circus Goby showing up!
12:36 Catching up on the 135g tank

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