Why/How I’m catching my Melanurus Wrasse! (CAUGHT!)

Melanurus Wrasse, usually a fantastic utility fish in most reef aquarium — unfortunately is being rehomed in my case, due to a very specific set of circumstance. I am currently battling Aiptasia (and Asterina Starfish, to a lesser extend); Aiptasia Eating Filefish has not yielded any result, nor has F-Aiptasia provided any long-term win. As a result, I will try my hands on the Berghia Nudibranch or the good ol Peppermint Shrimp. Before I could do that though, I would need to remove my Melanurus Wrasse from the display tank because the wrasse would hunt down the nudi or shrimp in a hurry. Along the same line, I plan to try Harlequin Shrimp again to address the Asterina Starfish, and in order to introduce a shrimp, once again the wrasse may provide to be a challenge. Thus the path forward is clear…

0:00 The 3 fish I am trying to catch… (well, one was already caught)
2:02 What? Hippo Tang??
3:25 Why the Melanurus Wrasse?
7:11 Yellow Tang’s HLLE, why and how I plan to treat it
8:28 Let the fishing begin!
9:41 This is for all the doubters!!!
11:23 Yellow Tang does not care
13:19 The moment of truth.
15:02 Melanurus Wrasse off to a good home!
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