Why I removed my clownfish & 4 other fish.

Somehow, we managed to catch 6 fish from both the 135g and 17g reef tank by either fish trap, night attacks, and ripping the reef tank apart ungracefully. Regardless of method, the task is done. They are all now living their best lives in their respective aquariums; although a bit of a kicker… after 3 weeks of the filefish left the 135g, aiptasias are popping up again, unbelievable. Maybe it’s time to try a Copperband Butterfly fish?

Items in this Video:
Amazing Yellow Gloves (Amazon): https://amzn.to/3T6iGxs
Acrylic Fish Trap (Amazon): https://amzn.to/3VSy69F

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0:00 Gigantic bristleworm story
2:22 Why I am removing the clownfish
4:10 Why I am removing the Bangaii Cardinalfish and Atlantic Oyster Blenny
6:33 Catching the Atlantic Oyster Blenny!
10:53 Catching Bangaii Cardinalfish #1
12:50 Visiting LFS
16:59 Coming home with CUC
18:34 Catching Bangaii Cardinalfish #2
20:56 Catching Clownfish at night
22:46 Closer look at the MochVinci Clownfish
25:35 How I caught the Aiptasia Eating Filefish again
27:55 Removing Colorado Sunburst Anemone
31:34 Update on the 17g Mangrove Tank
34:35 Update on the 135g Mixed Reef Tank

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