Wife REACTS to $1,200 Anemone! πŸ’€ Purple Tang & Lyretail Anthias!🐠

Hey what’s up Reefers? You been good? In this video, I FINALLY got the super sought after Colorado Sunburst Bubble Tip Anemone, huge thanks to Thirsty’s Reef (@thirstysreef on Instagram) for a heck of a deal. I also went a bit heavy-handed on fish, seeing how my trips to LFS may be a bit more limited in the following few months. Lyretail Anthias went in without a hitch, introducing the Purple Tang to the Yellow Tang and Hippo Tang was a different story…

Products used in this video:
Yellow Super Long Gloves (https://amzn.to/3jxj8UL)
Blue Grabber (https://amzn.to/3lLhlOG)

0:00 Rehoming Xenia Warrior the Emerald Crab
3:21 Here we are – Colorado Sunburst Anemone!
10:23 Story time about CSB
13:35 Slight Rant
14:42 Visiting LFS – Rick’s and Fintastic of Frederick
17:17 Introducing the Lyretail Anthias
20:00 … and the Purple Tang + one more Lyretail Anthias
21:40 Acclimating the Purple Tang to the tank mates
29:07 SUCCESS!!
31:29 Monthly (?) Tank Updates
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