You caught me – Yes, I am a Reef Moonshiner. (also feat. ATI ICP Test, Essentials Pro, Kalkwasser)

I have avoided talking about dosing since it is a pretty opinionated space with lots of different equally valid options. Finally I feel that I am comfortable with what I am dosing in my system to share my regiments. This is by no means a guide, it is just how I am approaching dosing for the 135g reef tank at the moment. I currently dose Kalk, ATI Essentials Pro, and Reef Moonshiner’s Method/Program.

Reef Moonshiner’s Support Group on FB:

Items mentioned in this video:
ATI ICP Test –
Frosted Amber Eye-dropper Bottles –

0:00 ATI ICP Test
1:25 Reviewing ATI ICP Test results
2:25 Using the Reef Moonshiner ICP Result Assessment Dosing Calculation Tool
4:37 Do you also have a collection of reef supplements?
5:52 Cool frosted amber eye dropper bottles
7:31 Reef Moonshiner Vitamin Carb-X, Liqui-Mud
9:08 Final adjustments and tank review
9:22 Alk swing… yes, I still get them once in a blue moon.
11:25 Final thoughts on dosing, and the products I dose.

Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!

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