ALL THE ANIMALS!! 🐠$146 Nano Reef (Part 8)

Today we are focusing on all the corals and critters in this budget nano reef. If you have been following this channel for awhile you would be familiar with the run-and-gun style of filming… a bit of a throwback to the early days of this channel!

Items used in this video:
Plasti Dip (Amazon):
Tropic Eden MiniFlake Sand (Amazon):

List of equipments for this build:
Hipargero / Aqua Knight A029 Light (Amazon):
Aqua Clear 70 HOB Filter (Amazon):
Hydor 25w Heater (Amazon):
Hydor 100w Heater (Amazon):
Silicone Sealer 1oz (Amazon):
Plasti Dip (Amazon):
Tropic Eden MiniFlake Sand (Amazon):
Flipper Nano Magnet Algae Scraper (Amazon):
Smart ATO Micro (Amazon):
Coral Box Single Channel Dosing Pump:

* Buying items using the Amazon links here will be the same price but give me a small commission, much appreciated if you end up buying anything using these links!

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Music by: DJ Quads

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