Crazy $60 GIANT Clam! πŸ€‘ Euphyllia Living Wall!! Visit House of Tropicals LFS 🐠

Hey what’s up Reefers? You been good? There are a lot that I wanted to share and I could not squeeze everything into one single video. In this video, I want to share about swapping Zoas with Lynn, fragging the Hammer Corals off of Chevy’s rock and mounting them like a living wall on the back of the tank using Aquarock products, visiting LFS House of Tropicals, and of course, picking up a giant and a mini Derasa clam from local reefer!

Products used in this video:
Yellow Super Long Gloves (
Blue Grabber (

0:00 Zoa swapping with Lynn
7:08 Visiting House of Tropicals LFS in Glen Burnie, MD
9:49 Unboxing corals from Lynn
11:17 Aqua Rocks – 5 Holed Branch Display, Single plug frag rocks
13:56 It’s Hammer Time! Fragging Hammer corals off the rock
17:26 Rasta Zoas opened back up – Iodine was the issue
20:00 BIG Derasa Clam! And a Mini one too.
24:39 Top-down view of the tank
26:26 SPS (Bill Murray) STN
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