When Soft Corals take over!! (National Aquarium, Baltimore)

The National Aquarium (AKA Baltimore Aquarium) – is a stable for my public aquarium fix as I live semi-close by. It has been a few years since I visited as heavy crowd never made for a enjoyable experience (it is a popular aquarium!). With the pandemic, National Aquarium implemented a time-slot entry system, paired with half-price Friday, we were convinced to return and see what changed at the National Aquarium at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore!

0:00 Hello National Aquarium in Baltimore!
1:04 Flying River Turtle!!
1:23 Top down view of the Blacktip Reef
3:25 Filefish with streamer?
4:02 Obligatory Jellyfish b-rolls
6:09 Awesome ship wreck tank
6:44 Reef tank… what happened?
8:00 Amazing Amazon river tank – one of my favorite tanks here!
9:01 Walking deeper into the ocean…
10:16 Final thoughts on National Aquarium
Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!
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