BIG Anemone BIG Problem!! 😢 Neat Aquatics Wide Flow Pump Guard Review

Merry Christmas my friends! It has been awhile since the last updates, and there are a lot to be caught up on. The 135g has been stable and running well, things are growing steadily. The 17g went through a re-scape and corals are settling back in. Time passes quickly these days, I felt more and more like a planter, where I plant something and see what happens, instead of a gardener that does a lot of micro-managing, if that makes sense. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Products used in this video:
Yellow Super Long Gloves (
Blue Grabber (

0:00 Rehoming Tiny Derasa Clam
3:00 Frags from Telegraham – Milka Stylo, Elkhorn Montipora
5:11 Lobsters?
5:36 Fragging Leather Coral
7:40 Leather Coral shredding mucus
9:20 Neat Aquatics Uchin Limpet MP10 MP40 Wide Flow Pump Guard review
11:54 Space Invader Pectinia stinging corals
14:50 Address Rose Bubble-tip Anemone (RBTA) getting too large
20:58 Avast The Plank auto feeder review
22:08 17g Mangrove Soft Coral Tank Update
25:04 Coloradio Sunburst Anemone (CSB) Update

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