ULTRA RARE – Xenia Crab! πŸ¦€ Euphyllia not opening? How I fixed mine. (Frogspawn, Hammer, Torch Coral)

Hey what’s up Reefer? Now that my Euphyllia (Frogspawn Coral, Hammer Coral, Torch Coral) are doing well, I want to share what was my tank’s issues and how I solved them. Every tank is different, please don’t put special weight on my story but use it as one single data point, do your research, and apply the applicable to your situation and adjust as needed!

Also, bonus footage of the rarely seen Xenia Crab!! (ok, not really… just that my Emerald Crab took up the habit of planting Xenia on herself!)

Blue Grabber:
* not the exact same one, but this is from the same company and close; as I couldn’t find it anymore. But look for one that is rust-proof (screws still rusted for me, but since I don’t keep the grabber in the tank long term, it is OK for me)

Tiffen Orange Filter I am using on my camera to film:

0:00 Update on the Acan Lord coral (Micromussa) from too much light
1:12 Joseph’s White Polyp Toadstool Leather Coral!
5:21 Top down view of the 135g reef tank
7:24 My experience with Euphyllia – Frogspawn Hammer Torch coral
8:55 Euphyllia won’t open – Fish nipping at it?
9:42 Why my Frogspawn & Hammer not opening – too much flow!
12:33 Torch coral is a different beast
13:24 Magnesium to keep Euphyllias happy?
14:34 Brown jelly disease?
Public Domain Music by various artists from SoundCloud, many thanks!
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